5Elements Purple Sugilite Bracelet


  • Purple Sugilite gives Spiritual & psychic protection
  • Removes negative energies, attachments & blockages in your aura
  • Heightens healing abilities & helps you focus

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Purple Sugilite

Purple Sugilite is known to aid Spiritual growth and is excellent for giving Spiritual and Psychic protection as it helps remove negative energies, attachments and blockages in your aura. It’s also known as a healer’s stone as it has the ability to heighten healing abilities. It helps you focus, brings peace of mind, releases stress, promotes emotional healing, aids in inspiration, amplifies your intuition and boosts self-confidence.

Purple Sugilite is connected to the Crown Chakra

Purple Sugilite is associated with the starsign Aquarius



Bracelet Type: Semi-precious 8mm stone bracelet

Gender: All

Shape: Round

Weight: 100g

Package Contents: 1 bracelet


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