A technique used within the system of Reiki energy healing that allows the practitioner to give a healing session beyond the limitations of space and distance. As Reiki energy connects on a Spiritual and energetic level it can be sent and received remotely as it is not limited by distance, which is a physical limitation only.​

Text message reading

These are performed in a similar style to an e-mail reading however the response is faster and consists of a maximum of 3 text messages in response to the question asked. These are generally performed using Tarot or Oracle cards.

Tarot/ Oracle card phone readings

These are performed using a spread of Tarot cards that are chosen by both the client and the reader, these are a tool used in order to give the client a better understanding of their current situation and their potential outcomes

Mantras and Meditations

A variety of standard and custom made Mantras and Meditations available to download from our website.

Tarot/ Oracle card e-mail readings

Similar to the previous point except this is performed via e-mail instead of on the phone, each e-mail reading is approximately 600 words long and can cover one area or question.


We offer a variety of courses, Spiritual, healing and personal development related. Some are online courses which can be downloaded directly from the site while others are in person courses .

“Corporate events and private parties”

At 5Elements we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service that caters to every one of our clients.

We are also available for private parties and corporate events. If you are looking for a fun and unique experience, please feel free to contact us. Whether this be a large event or a small get together, we are happy to provide our services to make your occasion an unforgettable experience. Please contact us directly on 0203 169 0020 or via email: nadia@5Elementsuk.com to discuss your requirements and to receive a price quote.

Clairvoyant readings

Clairvoyants use their third eye and connection to the Spirit world in order to give you clarity, guidance and information regarding past, present and future situations. They use their abilities to describe places, objects and people, including current issues and circumstances.

Medium readings

Mediums can contact the Spirit world and can bring forward messages from our loved ones who have passed over.

Astrology charts

These are prepared by experienced and qualified Astrologers and can cover a variety of different areas, including compatibility charts between couples.