5Elements Blue Howlite Bracelet


  • Helps reduce negative emotions such as anger, stress & anxiety
  • Grounding, protecting & energetic healing
  • Connects the wearer to higher Spiritual consciousness in meditation

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Blue Howlite

Blue Howlite helps to reduce negative emotions such as; anxiety, stress, anger and tension. It aids in improving memory retention, slows the activity of the mind and helps with insomnia. It is a great stone for grounding, protecting and energetic healing. It is known for encouraging emotional expression, communication, reduces overthinking and helps eliminate pain. It connects the wearer to higher Spiritual consciousness and helps access higher wisdoms whilst in meditation and dream states.

Blue Howlite represents the throat Chakra

Blue Howlite is the stone of Gemini


Bracelet Type: Semi-precious 8mm stone bracelet

Gender: All

Shape: Round

Weight: 100g

Package Contents: 1 bracelet


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