5Elements Smokey Quartz and Howlite Bracelet


  • Smokey Quartz grounds, protects & absorbs negative energies
  • Helps the wearer reach a meditative state
  • White Howlite improves insomnia and memory

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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a very strong protective stone that is known for grounding, absorbing and converting negative energies into positive ones. It helps the wearer reach a meditative state, heightens awareness whilst keeping you centred and deflecting negativity from your aura. It helps integrate Spiritual energy and messages from Spirit into the physical form. Smokey Quartz is also known to help with insomnia, calm emotions, lifts depression, fear, brings emotional calmness and relieves stress and anxiety.

Smokey Quartz is connected to the root chakra

Smokey Quartz is associated with the star sign Libra


White Howlite

Howlite helps improve insomnia, improves memory, teaches patience, helps eliminate rage and stress and promotes emotional expression.

Howlite is linked with the following zodiac sign: Gemini


Bracelet Type: Semi-precious 6mm stone bracelet

Gender: All

Shape: Round

Weight: 100g

Package Contents: 1 bracelet


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