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The Wonders of Distant Healing

Having practiced Reiki for some time I went onto to do my Masters and became more and more interested in sending distant healing. I was fascinated, and I still am on how I can send distant healing to someone on the other side of the world and connect with them as if they were laying on my therapy couch in my treatment room.

It is like anything, practice is the key and the more I did the more my intuitive skills grew stronger and I was able to tell people whereabouts they were in pain. Back in 2014, a lady contacted me to say that she was heavily pregnant and very uncomfortable and she was close to her due date. I didn’t want to know the details as I didn’t want this to put any ideas into my mind as I didn’t want to put my own opinions or thoughts into it. I wanted to channel pure light for the healing to flow.

As she was very close to her due date I asked her to make sure she had someone in the house with her and secondly I asked her to lay down, somewhere comfortable where she wouldn’t be disturbed. She confirmed to me that she had done this and I then commenced with the distant healing treatment.

I began by going through some relaxation techniques in order for her to relax her body and I also brought her focus to her breathing. I always feel that is important, as just taking some deep breaths can get the person to relax and let go of any tension they are holding onto. I then continued with the session, sending the healing and working through the Chakras. I was very quickly made aware that she was suffering with indigestion, I was also aware of lower back pain and a pain down the left leg. She had sciatica. I could also feel she was getting labour pains and her body was preparing itself for labour. I could also feel the baby in the womb and felt it was a boy. I didn’t know when the baby was due, but I felt that she would give birth the following morning. As a professional I was unable to pass that last information on to her as the Reiki guidelines are that you do not diagnose or give false information. After 45 minutes I brought the session to a close and asked her how she was feeling. She responded with “so much more relaxed and the indigestion pain I had seems to have gone”! I mentioned the pain in her leg which was also correct. I then wished her all the best with the birth and asked her to let me know how it all goes.

A few days later she contacted me and told me she had given birth to a baby boy the next morning after our distant healing session! The birth went smoothly without any complications and she was able to have a natural birth without pain relief. I felt extremely privileged to have given her the healing and the wonders of healing never ceases to amaze me.

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