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Pile 3: Valentine’s Day Special

Due to your highly intuitive and perceptive nature, you may have been feeling that you’re on the brink of a massive shift and new beginning. That excited, yet slightly nervous feeling in your stomach (not too dissimilar to butterflies) is letting you know that something big and is about to happen. Pay attention to your dreams as you will be receiving messages and signs from your Angels through them. You may also notice lots of syncronicities; repetitions of numbers, adverts and signs related to things you have been thinking about etc. This is to tell you that not only are your manifesting abilities on point, but your prayers have been heard and are about to be answered. You are being asked to continue with your positive affirmations and manifesting for just a little longer, as you are about to attract into your life your biggest blessing. Remember that God is in the detail so don’t be afraid to be as specific and detailed as you wish. Whether you prefer to use affirmations, mantras, visualizations, meditations or scripting, you will very shortly receive your wish in the form of a soul mate.

Remember that as your energy levels and manifesting abilities are heightened right now so its important to visualize, think about and feel the emotions attached to what you want, as opposed to what you don’t. You will be very pleasantly surprised when this new person comes into your life as they will be exactly as you had imagined. This relationship will be stable, peaceful, inspiring but above all, it will be easy. There won’t be any hot and cold or challenging behaviours to deal with as this person is perfect for you. Gone are the days of confusing, challenging and difficult relationships that knocked your confidence and left you feeling that you didn’t know where you stand. You have processed the past pain and healed from it, you are now entering into a positive, new chapter in your life. Your Angels want you to know that it’s ok to trust again and to allow yourself the freedom to feel love once more, as this time it’s right and you won’t be disappointed. Remember that you hold the power within you to change any situation around you and can manifest whatever you wish, all you have to do it believe in yourself.

For those of you that are single; Your Angel’s are telling you to not get too comfortable with your own company as your soul-mate is about to make a grand entrance. I’m being told that the last week of this month is significance with the appearance of this person. They have a very positive attitude, a fantastic sense of humor and a very familiar energy about them. You will feel as if you have known them your entire life. They are hard-working, romantic, doesn’t take their-self too seriously and has a playful side. They are fantastic with children, the elderly and animals and have a very nurturing and trustworthy energy. Just be prepared for their spontaneous humor and random outbursts of bad singing or dancing that may leave you questioning their sanity. I’m being told that the letters ‘T’ and ‘J’ are significant regarding this person and I get a strong sense of a water sign, especially Pisces.

For those who have a special someone; Although things haven’t been the easiest recently. Leaving the relationship feeling strained by miscommunication and difficulties understanding one another’s position, there is a very positive shift that is about to take place. Whilst Mercury retrograde is known to bring problems in communication and can cause havoc in most areas of our life, it also brings with it the chance to pause and reflect. It’s this particular side effect from the retrograde that is going to massively improve the dynamic and relationship between you both. There is very much a feeling of “starting over” or going back to the beginning when things were really good between you both. Don’t be surprised if both yourself and your partner seem more pensive and reflective than usual. This shift will actually bring the two of you closer together and remind you both of the reasons why you both fell in love in the first place. Next month there are significant positive changes coming in for you both, including spending quality time together, date nights and taking your relationship to a much deeper level of commitment.

Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts and if this resonated with you. For more of our pick a card readings, live videos and a chance to win a free reading/ healing or other special offers, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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