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Introducing January’s Birthstones: ‘Garnet’

There are several varieties of Garnet: Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Uvarovite and Andradite. Each of them has its special colour. The most common colour is dark red to brownish red. This beautiful gemstone is found all around the world in various locations.

The word garnet is named after the seed of the pomegranate, granatum.

Garnets have been used by humans since the Bronze Age and during the Anglo Saxon rule of England, but the red garnet was made popular as jewellery during Victorian times, often used in engagement rings.

Garnets are aligned with individual ambitions and motivations. It will help one attain ones personal goals. This concept falls in line with New Year’s resolutions, implementing steps or ideas for self improvement, whether they be physically, emotionally or spiritually. Garnets are used for overcoming personal obstacles caused by negativity.

Garnets signify love and awakens the kundalini energy. Red garnets are very protective stones, they ward off evil and were often worn by crusaders to protect them and keep them safe in battle.

Used to balance the heart and root chakra energy centres, garnets have a strong loving,
yet grounding energy, encouraging self love and reducing self-sabotaging behaviours. Dissolving anger and alleviating emotional disharmony, bringing courage and hope, whilst fortifying ones natural survival instincts, self belief and inner strength. Garnets helps you to see what is draining you in your life, all that is taking your energy away from you. Turning a crisis into a challenge. Emotionally garnet is a protector against anger towards yourself, encouraging inward love and kindness.

Physically red garnets are said to aid metabolism, spinal and cellular disorders, blood disorders, blood circulation, heart and lung diseases. Aids assimilation of vitamins and minerals within the body. Garnet is said to keep blood sugar in check and alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. Aids libido, due to it’s connection with kundalini energy, this is the energy system at the base of the spine.

Emotionally red garnets represent love and self love. Protection from emotional vampires, people who drain your energy, because of their negativity and low energy vibration. Helps to relieve stress and anger, aiding restful sleep and peace of mind, protecting from nightmares and night terrors. A gem of courage and self belief, with a powerful emphasis on inner strength, allowing the wearer to find the strength to let go and release behaviours that no longer serve a purpose in their life. Thus, allowing the wearer to find a new more fulfilling path and a way forward. Helps to eliminate negative feelings such as depression and guilt.

Garnets are said to have the ability to heal and purify on a subconscious level, bringing about emotional balance, peace and harmony.

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