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Introducing December’s Birthstones

Those of you lucky enough to be born in December, there are three beautiful birthstones to choose from: Turquoise,Tanzanite and Blue Zircon.


Turquoise is one of the oldest gems on earth and dates back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians and Aztecs adorned themselves with it. Native Americans revere it as a sacred talisman and healer.

Associated with the throat chakra, but also stimulates and balances the brow chakra aiding intuition. Turquoise is said to relieve rheumatism, migraine, sore throats, chest infections and helps to fight viruses. A protective crystal, helps to connect with one’s intuition and enabling wisdom. Encourages prosperity and success. Dispels negativity and aids self-forgiveness and dispels self-sabotage. Providing serenity and a sense of calm to the mind. An extremely spiritual crystal enhances the communication between the physical and spiritual world.


Tanzanite is a recently discovered gem and is becoming rare, as it is only found in one small location, near the foothills of Mount Kilamanjaro. A form of zoisite crystal in formation. Tanzanite has flashes of purple, violet and blue, sometimes red within it. It is now classed as becoming rare and is one of the “big 5” gemstones in the jewellery world.

Wearing Tanzanite is said to strengthen the immune system, improve vitality and calm the mind. It aids connection to the upper chakras and is said to stimulate the crown, brow and throat chakras, enabling and aiding spiritual information and psychic connections. Tanzanite carries a high vibration.

Excellent crystal for counsellors and people in positions where they deal with human emotions. The energy from Tanzanite stays within the auric field, but also brings a permanent state of higher consciousness bringing about positive awakening.

Used to treat psychological disorders and stimuates happiness and relief from worry.


Zircon is the oldest gem on earth, dating back over 4.4 billion years.

Clear Zircons are often mistaken by jewellers for diamonds.

Blue Zircon is known as a protective traveller’s crystal, it helps to prevent nightmares, brings peace of mind to the wearer and restores self-esteem and trust.

Blue Zircon is so powerful it works to align and balance the whole chakra system. This crystal has a strong grounding and protective energy. It has a strong spiritual connection. It helps to stimulate your strength and sense of purpose. Use Blue Zircon to help develop your intuition and psychic abilities more fully. Helps to bring visions into reality. A crystal of balance for the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental energies. Aiding manifestation of prosperity and abundance.

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