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How Healing Changed My Life

Back in 2006, I had experienced several bereavements in a short space of time, which had a considerable effect on my mental health and well-being.  Anxiety had kicked in, which then lead to panic attacks. Anyone who has experienced a panic attack will understand how scary they are, and that you have no control of your body. 

My husband decided to take me away on a relaxing spa break. Even this, at the time also caused anxiety at just thought about going away. However, I went. It was a lovely hotel and we enjoyed our break.  The hotel had facilities where they were offering holistic therapies.

On the day we were due to go home, my husband said to me “why don’t you have a Reiki treatment”? I had no idea what Reiki was. My husband had done a lot of travelling in Australia and had Reiki and said it was a wonderful therapy and felt it would be extremely beneficial to me.  I booked a session and went along with an open mind. The therapist was a beautiful lady, who put me at ease straight away. I was instructed to lay down on the couch fully clothed and was covered in a cosy blanket and she told me to close my eyes and just relax.

During the treatment I experienced some tingling sensations and saw lots of colours. I also saw my Auntie who had passed away and she was giving me a bunch of roses.  This was so reassuring to me and very special. When the treatment had finished the therapist, who was a Reiki Master, gave me feedback in her findings.

Bearing in mind, I had never met this lady in my life before, yet she knew so much about me and my body. She knew I was suffering with anxiety and she knew that I had gone through bereavements and she also knew some of the physical things I was also experiencing.

It was mind blowing and I was lost for words and I also felt incredibly relaxed.  She then went on to say that I was in the wrong job and that I should learn how to become a Reiki healer.

At the time I was currently working as a sales representative in the brewery trade, which involved a lot of driving every day and was a stressful job. I allowed my body to process the healing and when we arrived back from the break I handed my notice in and started to research courses in complementary therapies.

I went onto do a degree in Complementary Medicine and received a 2:1 Bachelor of Science, something that I would never have believed I would do or achieve.  I then went onto studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master myself and continue to practice this wonderful therapy.

The power of healing never ceases to amaze me and can never be underestimated.

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